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The Mercy Oak

May 2008
  Things are heating up between Bay Tanner, sometime private investigator, and her late husband's brother, Red. But her new case could endanger more than just her love life. An unexpected call from her housekeeper's son hints at murder in a recent hit-and-run. Roberto fears a local crusader for immigrant rights may have been silenced, but almost immediately it becomes clear the dead girl was not the intended victim. Before Bay can investigate, Roberto himself disappears. Then the strange phone calls begin, and Bay realizes someone desperately wants her off the case. Determined to bring a vicious killer to justice, Bay struggles to protect the people she's come to regard as family. Almost too late, she discovers that tempers run hot and prejudices deep when it comes to the growing immigrant population of the sultry South Carolina Lowcountry.

Sanctuary Hill

May 2007
 A freak summer storm has sometime PI Bay Tanner cooped up with her ailing father at his antebellum mansion near Hilton Head. Desperate for a distraction, Bay recovers a cooler bobbing along on the incoming tide, never imagining the misery she will unleash when she discovers what's inside. Meanwhile, her investigation into the simple case of a runaway wife turns deadly. Every trail leads back to a mystical commune in the tangled Lowcountry backwoods and to a charismatic woman who believes in the real and malevolent power of magic. To find a killer, Bay must travel to the heart of this woman's world-and not everyone will escape the spell of Sanctuary Hill.

Bishop's Reach

April 2006
  When a disfigured corpse is discovered on the beach at Hilton Head, Bay's longed-for peace and quiet is irrevocably washed away on the outgoing tide, and suddenly it's clear that no one is who they appear to be, including Bay's former nemesis Ben Wyler. As the pieces finally tumble into place, the shocking solution may prove as deadly for Bay Tanner as the treacherous waters of Bishop's Reach.

Resurrection Road

May 2005
 Settled into a new life with her French lover, Bay's happiness is threatened by the appearance of a young man who will bring back that terrible summer of her husband's murder. When the boy suddenly disappears, she faces a growing cloud of suspicion that could cost her the new life she has so carefully constructed. And in the midst of the toughest fight she's ever experienced comes a betrayal so stunning she may never recover from it. As forces gather against her, Bay struggles to protect her family from a ruthless man bent on revenge.

Judas Island

May 2004

May 2005
Angry and disillusioned, Bay returns from her sojourn in Paris only to be plunged into a mystery surrounding an archaeological dig. Gray Palmer asks for the help of Erik, Bay, and her father, the Judge -- the newly created Simpson & Tanner, Inquiry Agents -- but he's found dead before he can give them any information. With a single, grisly clue and a gut feeling the young man's death may not have been an accident, Bay and Erik begin an investigation that leads them back to the unrest and violence of the past and a solution that will ultimately bring heartbreak to someone Bay loves.

Perdition House

May 2003

Sometimes relatives can be more trouble than they're worth, and Bay Tanner's are no exception. Mercer Mary Prescott may be the spitting image of Bay's dead mother, but this half-fifth cousin leaves nothing but devastation in her wake as she leads Bay and Erik on a chase across the Southeast. A gang of ex-cons and eco-terrorists will stop at nothing to prevent Mercer from deciphering a message from the past she shares with Bay, a message that could cost all of them their lives.

And Not A Penny More

January 2002
  Bay's old classmate, ex-countess Jordan von Brandt, believes her mother was murdered while on vacation in South America and insists Bay help her prove it. At first skeptical, Bay is persuaded by a strange Web site she stumbles across and by Erik Whiteside, the earnest young man who created it. Along with an enigmatic undercover cop, they track a clever, vicious murderer across the Caribbean to a confrontation that will test everything Bay believes about herself.

In For A Penny

January 2002
  Meet Bay Tanner, a 38-year-old financial consultant who witnessed her husband's plane explode on takeoff. Physically wounded and emotionally devastated, she's lured out of hiding by an old family friend who fears she may be losing her considerable inheritance to a bogus development scheme. Drugs, murder, and extortion complicate the investigation, and the ultimate solution is wrapped in a betrayal so devastating it may leave the worst scars of all.