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Friends in need can be a deadly serious business...

In my ten-plus years of living in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, I've learned that's the preferred greeting of the locals. It took this transplanted Ohio Yankee a while to get used to that, along with lots of other cultural idiosyncrasies that make it so delightful to live in the South. Anyway, I'm glad you dropped by. Pour yourself a glass of sweet tea and come explore my world.

One of the first places I hope you'll visit is the Photo Gallery. You'll find several of the places featured in my Bay Tanner mysteries, many of which you can visit if you find yourself in our little corner of paradise. Please keep in mind I took most of these pictures myself, so I'll apologize right up front. A photographer I'm not, and my wonderful Web mistress, Beth Tindall, did the best she could with what I gave her to work with. But I wanted you to be able to experience some of the locations that inspire me as I sit at my computer and drag Bay and her family and friends in and out of trouble.

Of course, I hope you'll take a look at the books of the Bay Tanner mysteries as well. In For a Penny is especially close to my heart because it was the first, although I struggled mightily to get it accepted and finally ended up going the self-publishing route. I should probably mention that I didn't begin writing in earnest until I was fifty, so I didn't have time to wait years for rejections to come back. I wanted to have a book in print before I became a candidate for the home! Anyway, that first book succeeded, which led to a small press contract for And Not a Penny More, which earned me my current deal with St. Martin's Press. They've published Perdition House, Judas Island, Resurrection Road, Bishop's Reach Sanctuary Hill, The Mercy Oak, Covenant Hall, Canaan's Gate, Jericho Cay, St. John's Folly,and Bay's brand-new adventure, Jordan Point, due out June 2015.

I call them traditional rather than cozy because Bay has a tendency to swear a little too much, is having a terrible time giving up cigarettes, and has been known to sleep with a man to whom she's not married -- not often, mind you, but once in a while. I think you'll find the plots complex and the characters compelling, people you'll want to follow through both tragedy and triumph. So if you've never read a Bay Tanner mystery, I hope you'll give one a try.

Learn more about Kathy Wall Just a quick word here about bookstores. It's hard not to love the varied selection of a Barnes & Noble or the convenience and discounts at But please don't forget your local independent bookseller. So many of them are closing due to all sorts of economic pressures, and their personal service and love of books are becoming rare commodities in these days of bigger, faster, cheaper. If you're lucky enough to have a local bookstore in your neighborhood, I hope you'll at least give them a shot at earning your business.

So, once again, welcome! The azaleas are about to burst into bloom, the sun will be warm on your face, and it's a lovely day to experience the beauty and charm of Beaufort County, South Carolina. Feel free to wander around, explore at your leisure, and let me know if you have any questions. And please come back often. There's always a pitcher of tea in the fridge and a rocker waiting for you on the front verandah.


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